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iRevo Overview

All our iRevo products are in-house manufactured with a very strict quality control process. You can certainly trust a company that has more than 15 years of experiences with high quality services in tracking technology products.

Come and visit our factories to witness yourself our manufacturing production located at

iRevo Details Malaysia Malaysia

No. 15, 17, 19,
Jalan Seksyen 1/20,
Kajang Utama, 43000 Kajang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

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180 Paya Lebar Road #07-06E,
Yi Guang Factory Building,
Singapore 409032

and our R&D team, to constantly refine our tracking technology and services.

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iRevo Unique Features

For more than 15 years, iRevo has been safeguarding vehicles around you with our tracking technology.

Look at how iRevo helps you in your daily activities with your beloved vehicle :

Usage Monitoring

Notifies you when thief is trying to start your engine.

Hidden Microphone & Loud Speaker

Listens into the activity inside vehicle when unauthorized people are in your car.

iRevo Location Now

Shows you the most recent current location of your vehicle.

Door Lock/Unlock Alert Mode

Locks and arms the system via your mobile phone or vice versa.

Remote Smart Immobilization (Safe/Force)

Immobilizes your vehicle safely (below 30km/hour) when it's being stolen.

Speeding Detection

Notifies you when your vehicle breaches the speed limit you set.

Anti Towing

Notifies you via SMS & Voice Call when your vehicle is being towed away from iRevo 'Virtual Boundary' (created automatically when your vehicle engine is turned off)

SOS Panic Button

Automatically calls 2 emergency contact numbers (set by you), for them to listen into the conversation inside vehicle to verify for further action.

Quick View Status

SMSes you the System, Engine, Battery, Speed and Location status (one click to view live mapping of your car's location)

Interval Report

Automatically receives Quick View Report every interval time set.

Built-in Back-up Li-ion Battery

Continues operating even without the main battery from the vehicle.

24/7 Central Monitoring System (CMS)

Optional feature to subscribe our 24 hours Call Center service to monitor the vehicle.

Maintenance Mode

Disable all functions to avoid massive SMS alerts disturbance with 24 hours reminder.

Transport Mode

Disable anti-towing feature when your vehicle is on a ferry or while using a towing service.

* There is no monthly service or server fee for all iRevo products.

Find out how you can lose your Toyota Vellfire completely in just 10 minutes

Real Case Study happened in Malaysia

  • iRevo automatic status notification

    Notification call of unauthorized access

    It all started with Mrs. K receiving a notification call from iRevo Tracking System, informing her Toyota Vellfire's engine was started.
    ( iRevo Usage Monitoring System )

  • iRevo Calling PDRM

    Calling the police

    Knowing obviously, it was an unauthorized access, Mrs. K was panic and called her husband, Mr. K and also police afterwards.

  • iRevo Mobile Application Menu

    Opening our iRevo Mobile Phone Application

    Mr. K quickly opened iRevo Android App, to track the his car's precise location (iRevo Location Now) in order to chase down the car's ongoing location and direction.

  • iRevo Immobilizer

    Immobilizing the car safely

    While chasing the stolen car, Mr. K immobilized ( iRevo Safe Immobilization ) the car, using iRevo Android App.

  • iRevo - In Car Listening Feature

    Accessing to iRevo In-Car-Listening Feature

    Mr. K then called in into the car's iRevo System ( iRevo In-Car Listening ) to listen to the thieves conversation happening inside the stolen car, to further verify the situation. Mr. K somehow has default phone's conversation recorded. Listen to this real audio conversation recorded.
    ( Spoken in Cantonese )

  • Translation of recorded audio retrieved from iRevo GPS Tracking System

    Listening to the recorded audio (rough transcript)

    "The thief driver was telling his partner to peel off those relevant documents sticking on the car window and also contact a potential buyer to negotiate pricing!"

  • YES!
    All these
    Happened in
    10 Minutes!

Not long after, the stolen Toyota Vellfire was slowing down while trying to make a U-turn, which was moving less than 30km/hour, the safe speed recognized by iRevo system to immobilize ( iRevo Safe Immobilization ), and hence, finally immobilized it.

The stolen car's engine was finally stopped after being immobilized. Thieves were panic, and left the scene quickly to avoid being caught.

Mr. K soon then detected the car was stopping from the iRevo Android App and quickly rushed to the scene to get back his beloved car.

iRevo Incident Pictures

Case Study Pictures

Polices were arranging traffic cones for investigation to begin.

Incident Pictures

Polices with stolen Vellfire.

Incident Pictures

Stolen Vellfire on the road near to U-turn junction.

Incident Pictures

Polices were arranging necessary tools for investigation

Incident Pictures

Another angle of polices doing their work

Incident Pictures

Mr.K, Mrs.K, polices and stolen Vellfire

Incident Pictures

News about Stolen Cars in Malaysia


News about Stolen Cars in Malaysia


News about Stolen Cars in Malaysia



Still not convinced ? Listen to what our customers are saying.

"Having used so many complicated apps in the past. I love how simple it is to use iRevo to make sure my car is on safe hand."

Charles T.- iRevo User

"The money I paid for iRevo is only 123 times less than what I paid for my Toyota Vellfire. A simplest math will tell you how much gratitude I've for having iRevo since it saved my Toyota Vellfire"

Mr.K- Case Study

"I guess when you are helpless at midnight without knowing where's your car, iRevo 24/7 customer service saved my day."

Eric Tan- iRevo User

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